Music / bands I've been in with albums on Spotify

other groups I'm in at the moment...

MAEKR / Electric Jazz Fusion Band originals with guitar, keyboards, sax, bass & drums. (see album below)

the Sidemen / 70s inspired Funk Jazz originals and covers.   The band is led by bay area trumpet player, Peter Welker.

Chamelionz / Jazz/Pop/Funk  originals with guitar, keyboards, sax, bass & drums.

groups from the past that I've played with which are still active....

Matt Jensen / amazing keyboardis        the Scott Amendola Group        Emily Bezar     Noe Venable

Music / project NOT on Spotify but that are FREE to download if you want

Modern Jazz Trio

Jazz Trio

Ambient Electronic

Instrumental Rock trio

Melodic Jazz Fusion

Home Recordings from the 90s

Jazz Piano/Guitar/Bass LIVE

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