Morris Acevedo Jazz Guitarist / Composer / Teacher  / Learner

I put demo version off all my original compositions from the last 3 years on this website for you to check out.   It's more music than anyone needs or wants to hear but, it's Shelter At Home, so I'm thinking of stuff to do to keep busy.   Check it out at this link....(morris's demo songs)

2020 Performances

Sunday August 2nd   5:30-7:30

at the Starling in Sonoma

Socially Distanced in the outdoor patio

w/Michael Israel (drums)

Emily Froberg (bass)


the Sidemen 2020 RESIDENCY at  the

Reel and Brand  401 Grove St, Sonoma, CA

March 20        (Friday)
May 1              (Friday)
June 19           (Friday)
August 1         (Saturday)
September 18 (Friday) 
November 6    (Friday)
December 19   (Saturday)
w/ the Chuck Sher group
Friday March 13    5:30PM-8PM

the River Front Cafe

224 B St, Petaluma, CA 

Chameleon Quintet
-original jazz/funk
Fri . Feb 28st   8:00-10:00PM
Reel & Brand
401 Grove St, Sonoma, CA  Sonoma, CA
w/ the Sidemen
Friday February 14, 2020   8:30-11:00
Sonoma Speakeasy / 452 1st St E g, Sonoma, CA
w/ the Rob Sudduth Quartet
Sat. Jan 4th / 6:30-9:30PM
the Spirit Bar / Hotel Healdsburg 
25 Matheson St,    Healdsburg, CA
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